NEW! Announcing Simon Says Card Game

Simon Says Card Game
Occupy multiple kids and get them moving with this classic children's game.  Simon Says is entertaining for small and large, young and old. 

To play, designate one player to be "Simon" who will select 2 cards.  Simon will call out the action on one of the cards with "Simon says", but if Simon picks up a Simon Silent card, he will leave off the "Simon Says" part.  Each player who is tracked into performing the action without Simon saying "Simon says", is out.  The game continues until the last player has successfully out-witted Simon.

Includes pictures of Simon performing each activity for non-readers.  Great for birthday parties, rainy days and vacation activities.  Young Simon callers will strengthen their reading abilities and game players will develop greater body control, reading and listening skills.

For 2 to 20 players age 2+
Contains 61 cards

Conforms to the safety requirements of ASTM F963